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Hey Stylers!

Happy Friday!! Hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving! Today, I'm sharing an interview with Nicki King, the founder of Nicki Marie Jewelry. Nicki has seen a lot of success and I am honored to be able to share this post with you. Hope you enjoy it!

Please tell me a little about yourself and Nicki Marie Jewelry?

My name is Nicki King and I am a Columbus, Ohio native who have been handcrafting jewelry for a number of years. Through the encouragement of my 3 sons to follow my dreams, and so I did just that and created Nicki Marie Jewelry. The name Nicki Marie is the name my uncle Herman gave me and has been calling me that since I was a little girl.

My jewelry have been seen in Social life Style Magazine, The Insider, Harper’s Bazaar UK, British Vogue, and Cosmopolitan Magazine. I also designed custom pieces for actress Tara Buck of “True Blood” and renowned jazz singer Clairdee French. She has been seen on the runway paired with Lubna Design for NYFW, NYLFW, FMMF and Fashion Week Columbus. She’s has been on several T.V segments such as Good Day Columbus, Hola TV on Fox 28 and also Made Local.

What is it the inspiration behind your Nicki Marie Jewelry designs?

As an artist and a lover of fashion I have found that beauty is all around us. I find inspiration from the colors of seasons changing, bold colors of different cultures that surround us, to building structures, textures and patterns of fabrics. The style of my jewelry design is simplistic, edgy and eclectic my designs focuses around the joie de vivre of color, light, and angles.

What type of accessories does your brand feature?

My brand features both women and men accessories which includes necklaces, earrings, bracelets, lapel pins and cufflinks. The product that I would suggest this season for men is the Gabriel Street “Industrial Art” Lapel Collection by Nicki Marie Jewelry, which includes bold colors and designs with an antique base and mirror.

What products would you suggest to gentlemen this season?

How are your products made?

I handcraft my product with the focus on the shapes and material of the pieces I choose to create which are inspired by these various remarkable elements. From the triangles, rectangles and ovals, to the antique copper, gunmetal, antique brass and sterling silver, they are an illustration of the grander that surrounds us. The mirrors that are placed in the middle of each piece illuminate light, color and imagery. It is a symbol of ones inner-beauty and the hidden treasure in us all.

What are your upcoming projects?

Upcoming projects that are in the works are a few magazine features and pop-up shops for 2016, one thing in particular that is very special to me is a collection that will be dedicated to my sister and friend Lillian, which a percentage of each purchase of this collection will be donated to Leukemia Research Foundation.

Fianlly, where can we find your jewelry line?

Go check out:

Thank you for joining me for another week! Please go check out the Nicki Marie Jewelry line!

Hope you have a great weekend!

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