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Have you been slapping on face products in any particular order hoping that it didn't actually matter? Are you not entirely sure what your face products should contian to be most effective? Today, I will walk you through a step by step face washing routine that you can incorporate into your mornings (and evenings). The great thing about this routine is that you can adjust your routine based on how much time you have. So lets get started...

(All of the pictures featured in this post are of products that I would recommend for each step.)

Step One:

First, wash your face with lukewarm water. This helps to open your pores and allows for your morning routine to be most effective.

Step Two:

Apply a quarter sized dose of exfoliator onto a spin brush. I would recommend using an exfoliotor that incoporates cocount extract to clear away dirt, aloe to renew your skin, and geranium to remove facial impurities. Once you've applied the exfoliator onto your spin brush, gentlty run the brush over your face in a circular motion and work it into a rich lather. Afterwards, proceed to wash your face once again with lukewarm water and gently pat your face dry with a soft towel to.

Step Three (Optional):

Apply your choice of toner onto your face. The purpose of a toner is to remove the excess dirt that an exfoliator may not be able to remove. I would recomment using Lush Breath of Fresh Toner. Lush's toner is approproate for all types of skin and incorporates the nutrients from sea, seeweed extract, and aloe. Note that this is an optional step and can be added or taken out of your routine based on the time you have.

Step Four:

Next, apply your choice of eye cream. Eye cream has become increaisngly more important. The first place sun damage become noticable is around the eye. A way to combat this is by applying eye cream. Apply a dime size dose of eye cream on your finger and pat the product under your eye. When it comes to eye cream, a little goes a long way so be sure to use a dime size dose and nothing more. Addittionally, be sure to remember that your eye cream have antioxidants like vitamin C, B5, hylauronic acid, and shea butter. Note that it is important that you apply your eye cream prior to your moisteriser because the cream will seal in the active ingredients in your eye cream.

Step Five:

It is finally time to apply your face moisterizer. This product helps to seal in all the active ingredients in the products you 've used from all the prior steps. Applying a face moisterizer is extremely important for your skin. Washing your face dries your skin and when skin become too dry, it loses its protective outer skin barrier. Applying moissturizer seals in moister and helps you to maintin a healthy outer skin barrier.

If you enjoyed this post or have any questions about your face routine comment below!

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Have a wonderful weekend!

Stay Stylish!

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