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Hey Stylers!

It is here! 'Tis the season folks! The holidays are right around the corner! (okay okay I will ease up on all my excitement) :)

I personally love everything related to the holidays - whether it be the special holiday beverages from my local coffee shop to visiting the Christmas tree in New York. But aside from all the family, friends, presents (*hint hint*), and failed gingerbread houses the question still remains: WHAT DO I WEAR?

Today I am sharing with you a look I think would be perfect for this time of year. I had the amazing honor to do this shoot with The (very stylish) Luxury Belle. So lets get started:

My Look:

Watch: Michael Kors

Sweater: Zara

Long Sleeves Long T-Shirt: H&M

Jeans: Guess

Sneakers: Supra

The Luxury Belle Look:

Sweater: Forever 21

Shoes: Steve Madden

Necklace: Loft

Scarf: Primark

Thank you so much for joining me for another week! Please comment below and let me know what you thought about our first segmenet of holiday looks. Also please go check out The Luxury Belle's site as well to see more pictures from our shoot!

Photographer: Sole Conscious

Hope you have an awesome weekend!

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