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Hey Stylers,

We're back again! This time with a whole new look for my site! Please let me know what you think in the comments section below...Now down to business... :)

[ see what I did there ;) ]

I threw together this look for you guys and thought this would make the perfect look for a date or simply a Sunday brunch with friends. I intentionally paired the gray suit jacket with khakis to give it a more causal look. I chose to wear my maroon sweater inside because I just was not in the mood to continuously adjust my shirt while I was out (a little pet peeve of mine). The dark brown dress shoes compliment the maroon sweater perfectly. Finally tied the entire look with my favorite Sebastian Cruz Couture pocket square. The double stitching on the edges allows it stay perfectly in places. The cool thing about this line of pocket squares is that they have a vast array of designs so there is one for everyone's style. For this look I chose the darker pink pocket square with maroon stitching to pair with my sweater.

Go check out Sebastian Cruz Couture for great fashion froward pocket square to complete your date night looks!


Pocket Square: Sebastian Cruz Couture

Bracelet: Boybeads

Watch: Burberry

Shoes: Call it Spring

Suit Jacket: H&M

Sweater: Banana Republic

Pants: Zara

Hope you enjoyed this look! Let me know what you think below!!!


Remember always stay stylish!

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