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Hey Stylers,

This year for NYFW the designers brought their A-Game, models brought their best poses, and bloggers brought their cameras. I will shamelessly admit that I was amongst those snapping and instagramming the festivities that came along with what we know as New York Fashion Week!

As the first few days I developed a sort of routine and thought I’d share some things I did during my first NYFW.

1. whitened my teach with my Smile Brilliant kit! (feel free to use discount code :ig66018)

2. Forget to bring water everyday ( P.S: I don’t like the taste of water.)

3. Instagram pictures from fashion shows!

4. Get photographed by Nigel Barker

5. Get a parking ticket (not fun!)

6. (attempt to) walk a runway with suave for Iridium Clothing.

7. Order 5 cups of coffee in one day

8. Sit front row at a show with amazing friends

9. Party with Rae Sremmurd.

10. Meet some incredible people in the fashion industry.

Hope you enjoyed my little adventure! Thank you to everyone who followed along on Instagram and snapchat! The love and support from you has left me speechless. You’re all amazing!

Have a wonderful day!

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