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Hey Stylers,

As you may already know—fall is upon us! Yes, it is time to get out those misshaped pumpkins and old costumes you haven’t worn for a few years. ( I sound like an advertisement so I will stop the strange syntax…now haha ). But in all seriousness, fall is a time of transition for the weather, for students heading back to classes, and--yes--for fashion as well. It’s a time when we pack away our favorite tank tops and pull out our cozy sweaters . Unfortunately the weather at this time constants fluctuates between the 40s and 70s (at least if you’re living in the Northeast). As a result, I thought I’d put together a look for exactly this type of fall weather.

The sweater I chose is perfect for fall since it’s thick enough to keep you warm during those brisk morning and still easily wearable once it heats up during the day. I personally try to find pieces that are unique so the ripped sweater look was perfect. The jeans are a simple classic black jeans. This should definitely be a staple in every guys closet. Finally, I finished off this simple look with my favorite pair of brown boots. This look can easily be modified to fit your personal taste. Please let me know what you think!

Sweater: H&M

Jeans: G-Star

Boots: Aldo

Watch: Express

Bangle: Misterfc

Have a great weekend!

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